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Intermediate French – Améliorez votre Français (Code : AF)

Speaking, reading and writing better – Mieux Parler, Lire et Écrire


This course is intended for people who have acquired a basic knowledge of French and who want to improve in order to have a better understanding of the language when they are involved in conversations or feel more confident when they have to read or to express themselves orally and in writing.

The lessons will help learners to better express themselves in this language when they are more and more exposed to a French environment.

The course is ideal for professionals who need french communication skills to improve in their work and who aim at higher bilingual positions in the company they are working for.

It is also suitable for high school students who will be exposed to a French working environment and who do not feel confident in spite of their knowledge of the language.


At the end of this course, learners are expected to be fully prepared to:

Understand more sustained conversation and use of varied vocabulary and idiomatic expressions in French and be able to recognize different levels of the language: when asking for details on people`s situation and needs, describing people, animals, objects or situations, when relating events in the past or presenting projects for the future, when listening to detailed explanation of personal, family, educational, social, financial, scientific and cultural situations, when negotiating in business situation, watching films and documentaries.

Improve their vocabulary and acquire syntax structures to express themselves more fluently during French conversations, ask more detailed questions during phone calls, describe complex situations, relate a story in more details, negotiate business deals with more accuracy, share comfortably  ideas and experiences, express personal opinions and discuss issues during participation in team work and summarize ideas etc.

Be able to read and understand a variety of texts: emails, letters, forms, stories, advertisements, minutes, reports, articles and short novels.

Be able to respond confidently to mails (while avoiding wrong spellings, reducing grammatical mistakes and clumsy sentence structures), to write reports and simple articles (while structuring one`s ideas and presenting the pros and cons), to narrate stories and describe people animals, objects and places, to express their emotions as well as their  feelings while following a well structured plan.

Duration: 12 weeks – each session will be of two hours duration