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Initiation to French Language – Initiation à la Langue Française (Code : IF)

Beginner`s program – Programme pour débutants


This course is intended for people who have no prior knowledge of French and who would like to learn the language so that they may understand the basics which will allow them to communicate orally in simple conversations understand simple writings in this language and write some French words and sentences.

The lessons will help adults to become bilingual in this country where French is the official language.

The course is ideal for non-French speakers who want to feel more comfortable when they visit French speaking provinces in Canada and French speaking countries all over the world.

It is also suitable for non-French speaking parents who wish to help their small children who are going to French Immersion Schools.



At the end of this course, learners are expected to be fully prepared to:

Understand simple spoken words, sentences and questions in different situations of everyday life: when presenting oneself or others, talking about one’s health, the weather, the family, one’s basic needs such as drinking, eating, knowing one’s direction to places, travelling by various means of transport, listening to important announcements, buying, being told the price of items sold, counting, recognizing colours, sizes, dimensions, expressing one’s simple feelings, indulging in leisure activities etc.

Acquire basic vocabulary to express themselves orally and ask simple questions in different situations: at home, on the street, at the shop, at the restaurant, at the station or the airport, in a taxi, at the hotel, at places of interest and recreation centres.

Be able to read signs, posters, time-tables, children’s books, maps as well as menus, recipes and simple descriptions of articles for sale, inscriptions on monuments.

Be able to write simple words and sentences in French to leave a message, to fill in a form or official document, to express a wish or ‘thank you’ message in a card, to make a simple poster and give a recipe.


Duration: 12 weeks – each session will be of two hours duration