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Advanced French – Maîtrisez votre Français (Code MF)

Diction, Grammar, Writing & Literature

Diction, Grammaire, Rédaction & Littérature


The course is intended for people who have acquired a reasonable level in French language but who want to extend their knowledge of the language in order to feel comfortable during conversations, during presentations in French and reach perfection while writing French texts or while translating English texts into French.

The lessons will help learners to reach excellence in French so that they may be able to express more subtle ideas and arguments in their conversation as well as in their writings.

The course is ideal for professionals, who are teaching French and want to be totally confident in their approach to francophone cultures.

It is also designed for College or University students who are studying French and are experiencing difficulties to understand some complex texts and some linguistic concepts which are being taught to them.  


At the end of this course learners are expected to be properly equipped to:

Understand peculiar terminology and complex business talks recognize all levels of the language, interprete more subtle speech and be able to follow literary, political, economical and philosophical debates as well as scientific, economic and sociological discussions in the media and appreciate French cultural and artistic creations.

Talk with confidence while using a rich and varied vocabulary and making use of more ambitious language structures, be precise in the choice of words and idiomatic expressions while improving their French accent, describe more complex situations, present ideas in a more elaborate manner, discuss more fluently on several topics of public interest: personal hygiene and health, the environment, politics, commerce, banking, tourism, sports and leisure activities etc.

Be able to read, understand and explain elaborated texts comprising selected terminology and complex syntax structures: novels, poems, essays, critical studies, thesis, scientific articles, business magazines, technical reports etc.

Be able to write with more confidence, according to a well elaborated plan: letters, minutes, documented articles, technical reports, narrative, descriptive and argumentative essays while showing expertise in the choice of appropriate words and idioms.

Duration: 12 weeks – each session will be of two hours duration